Safety & Security Advisor DC/CDC

As Safety & Security advisor you are a valued business partner that drives to protect IKEA's co-workers, customers and assets from preventable loss, injury or illness  by proactively assessing and managing risks, influence the managers and co-workers within the unit You ensure compliance with the IKEA Group Safety & Security manual and other relevant IKEA Rules and guidelines as well as national/local legal demands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

To be successful in this role, you:

  • Have strong stakeholder management skills, including listening and coaching skills.
  • Strong facilitation skills including change management and communication.
  • High level of integrity and impartiality.
  • Ability to plan ahead.
  • Have a certification of Prevention Advisor, level 1
  • Master the local language of the unit (Dutch) and English to connect with pears and managers within IKEA Group Belgium.
  • Have a passion for the wellbeing of people, the IKEA business - culture and values.
  • Extensive interest in Health, Safety and Security.
  • Desire to improve the unit results.
  • Drive to achieve delegated goals.

As a Safety & Security Advisor, you:

  • Act as the Secretary of the unit prevention committee and ensure that all duties imposed by this legal role are carried out impartially and in a timely manner at all times.
  • To ensure that reports imposed by  law (including the  annual and five year action plans) are formulated in line with the unit and Country defined needs.  You are also responsible for ensuring that these action plans are achieved through proper communication, delegation and follow-up of required actions.
  • Will work together with the Country Safety & Security Manager and unit Manager to secure that the required IKEA level of protection and compliance to IKEA rules and local legislation in relation to wellbeing, safety and security is achieved in the unit.
  • Identify and mitigate health, safety and security risks using the IKEA Risk management Process (e.g. root cause analysis, emerging risks, influencing factors, mitigation plans).
  • Facilitate/co-ordinate the unit Crisis Management Team and ensure members receive the correct training and knowledge to provide appropriate actions according to the IKEA Emergency Response rules.
  • Maximise the units profit by working on loss prevention including reducing operational surprises through managing insurance reports and claims, preventing theft and fraud, securing and protecting IKEA assets.
  • Ensure quality and timely reporting and handling of all incidents and accidents through IKEA’s incident reporting system and to ensure that all legal/insurance reported incidents are also communicated to the relevant bodies/authorities.

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